For the active nature lovers
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Reit im Winkl - Picturesque and incredibly beautiful located.

Even if Seegatterl is part of Reit im Winkl it is located around 5 kilometres from the village centre where most shops and cosy restaurants are found. As guest you will receive a guest card (Reit im Winkl inklusiv) when arriving. This will give you access to many offerings so check these up, free parking is among those. You will find e.g. an indoor pool, a mini golf course, a tennis arena, a snaps and a ski museum. It is also possible to ride and fish in the area. Just on the border to Kössen you find the most beautiful golf course which has to be played if you are a golfer. Quite a few fantastic hiking trails begin from here. A really cool climbing trail, Hausbachfall, starts from the chapel just above/behind the church. Keep your eyes on the Reit im Winkls home page and especially the activities listed in the activity calendar (Click Veranstaltungen).

Kössen - Our neighbour we share mountain with.

We are located on the border to Austria and on the other side of the mountain is Kössen. Kössen and Reit im Winkl share the same skiing area and hiking trails, even the golf course is half located in Austria and half in Germany. The paragliding club in Kössen is quite active summertime and a tandem jump mightybe worthwhile testing. This is actually only one example of all the action activities the Adventure Club Kaiserwinkl offers, there are a lot more to try out. Then here is the Walschsee lake for bathing summertime (though Weitsee close by is nicer and free!) and as mentioned many hiking and cross country trails starts in Kössen.

Ruhpolding - Classical ground.

The village Ruhpolding is about 18 kilometres away but the municipal border goes on the opposite side of Weitsee not far from us in Seegatterl. On the Ruhpolding side you find e.g. the other beautiful alp lakes and the well known Chiemgau arena. Every year they arrange the biathlon world cup here and during this week a lot och activities and events are taking place. Many hiking, biking and cross country trails starts or continues here towards Ruhpolding (e.g. trail 6 outside our house) and further to Inzell. When you stay with us it is therefore as important to keep an eye on what the Ruhpoldings tourist information announces as the one in Reit im Winkl. Worth mentioning is that in Ruhpolding you have a much better indoor pool facility than in Reit im Winkl, with everything from slide tube, wave machine to heated outdoor pool. You can also go skating in the skating arena which we recommend before the one in Inzell. In summer the Freizeitpark - Ruhpolding offers activities for the whole family. Also the Holzknechtmuseum can be worthwhile visiting. From Ruhpolding there is a railway connection to Traunstein.

Inzell - For skaters and nature lovers.

Inzell is located about 24 kilometres away. Here you will find the Max Aicher Arenan, an enormous multi arena specially designed for speed skating but with a normal ice hockey rink included (we prefer the on in Ruhpolding though). As speed skating arena it is world wide known and quite unique. National teams from the whole world will come here for both practice and competition and as multi arena also other events take place here. Trails for hiking, biking and cross country skiing can also here be worthwhile testing. There are quite a few activities for kids as well and if you want to enjoy a water adventure, Badepark Inzell is waiting for you.

Traunstein - The town nearby.

The nearest larger city in our neighbourhood is Traunstein. It is about 25 car minutes away from us and you typically go here if you want to do shopping, go to the cinema, bowl and similar. We do grocery shopping ourself sometimes at super mercato when we want to buy Italian food and wine. The city homepage, is really good and gives you all information on what they have to offer. If you would like to see a film you find what is showing at For the kids the Babalu Funpark might be an option, meanwhile dad can take a quick tour at Hofbräuhauses Traunstein.

Achental - On the other side of the Maserer Pass.

Schleching, Unterwössen & Oberwössen, Marquartstein, Grassau, Übersee and Grabenstätt are all situated along the valley between Reit im Winkl and Chiemsee. In Unterwössen you find the closest airfield, grass for certain, and mostly UL and gliders but as pilot, this is where you land if you want to visit us. It is possible to follow as passenger, either in a glider, in a gyrocopter or in a tandem para-glider. If you have a pilot licence you can rent a plane for around 2 Euro/minute. In Marquartstein you can go with the Hochplattenbahn which is open both summer and winter. Also here is a so called Märchenpark. In Grassau you play golf at Golf Resort Achental, or you visit the Salz und Moor museum or maybe one of the concerts or markets frequently held here. Übersee is our closest Chiemsee town and during the summer there is always something happening, e.g. the Chiemsee festival is arranged here every year. In Grabenstätt there is a McDonalds, a Fossil outlet and a Roman museum. The entire Achental generally offers fantastic nature experiences and many of our hiking and biking trails pass through this area.

Rosenheim - A pearl for pleasure and entertainment.

Rosenheim, about 50 minutes away with car, is worth a visit. Especially last Saturday in August when the Herbstfest takes place, or Octoberfest as it is called in Munich. Rosenheim is also a very nice town with a beautiful old city kernel to stroll around in. Check out what is ongoing, available outlets, culture events etc. at the tourist information. When there, do not miss the Dinzler coffee roastery.

Bad Reichenhall - An exciting health resort

It takes about 20 minutes to drive to Bad Reichenhall and when the weather is not at its best we definitely recommend to go here. The city has been deeply affected by its salt production which goes way back in history. Still salt is produced here, what before was extracted from the underground natural salt water reservoir is today pipelined from the salt mine in Berchtesgaden. Paying a visit to the Alte Saline will guide you through a truly impressive historic production facility being used since the 1500th for salt extraction. Yet today it is running 24 hours a day pumping salt water to the SPA institutions like the big Rupertus Therme. After SPA and culture a sit down at the Reber Café is a given. Here you will not only be served coffee and cake in a historic surrounding but also have the possibility to buy every piece of chocolate Reber offers.

Kufstein & Ebbs - Organ city with fortress and nearby adventure land

You will reach Kufstein in about 40 minutes and the first thing that will catch your eyes is the old fortress mentioned already early 1200 in historic documentation. The fortress has been extended many time through history and has several times been used as a prison, latest during world war I. Today the fortress might be most known for its enormous organ, the Helden organ, that with its 4948 pipes is the biggest in the world. A relatively big part of the medieval city kernel is well preserved and worthwhile visiting. On your way back, check in at Funarena Ebbs or bring the kids to the Raritäten Zoo.

Berchtesgaden - With an eagles nest, salt and adventures

In Berchtesgaden, close to Salzburg, you should visit the Kehlstein Haus. This 2nd world war building, used for Hitlers meetings with e.g. diplomats etc. during his tyranny, is located on the top of the Obersalzberg. It is one of few buildings undamaged by bombs and was given as a present to Hitler when he turned 50. Today it is run purely as a restaurant offering a magnificent view over Berchtesgadener Land. Best way to get here is by hiking although the more comfortable way is by bus from the parking place at Hintereck. Read more at While here, why not try the 600 meter long summer toboggan course also located at Obersalzberg. If you are looking for more adventures you should check out Aventure Elements or Rafting - Berchtesgaden. More comfortable though is to pay a visit to Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden, Haus der Berge or the folk museum Schloss Adelsheim If you still have time over and you feel like relaxing, a visit to Watzmann Therme is recommendable.

Salzburg - Adorable in every way.

Salzburg is easiest accessible by car and is about a 50 minutes ride from here. It is summertime possible to take a bus, the Mozart Express, departure just outside our door. This will though take some more time, around 1.5 hours, but will also give you a quite scenic ride and an orientation of all the other villages around here. The bus leaves at 9.10am and departure back at 5pm. Salzburg is warmly recommended both winter and summer. Read more about this cute city at or check out the Salzburg highlights. For the family a visit to the Zoo Salzburg might be interesting. For the family a visit to Zoo Salzburg, Salzburger Freilichtmuseum or Haus der Natur might be interesting. Then of course the Schloss Hellbrunn and Festung Hohensalzburg must be seen, then Mozart cannot be avoided either.

München - "The northernmost city of Italy"

Also Munich is not far, around one hour and 20 minutes with car. When we go ourselves we usually go by car to Übersee, about 25 minutes, and the train from there in order to avoid trouble with parking etc. Read all about Munich and what is ongoing at For the family the Sea Life, Skylinepark and Bavaria Filmstadt might be interesting options.

Chiemsee - The Bavarian sea with the Alps mirrored in its water.

Chiemsee is not far away, you go there by car in less than 45 minutes. It is worthwhile going here both summer and winter. There are beautiful hiking and biking trails in the whole area and to bike around the lake is around 55 kilometres. We suggest to start in Chieming and to go clockwise with stops in Prien, Gstadt, Gollenhausen and Seebruck If you would like to go for a swim we recommend the Strandbad in Rimsting, it is free of charge and beautifully situated. Another alternative, with a small charge, is the Strandbad in Seebruck. And while in the area of Seeon-Seebruck we recommend a visit and an IPA at the Camba Bavaria brewery. There is also a automotive museum in Amerang. In Chiemsee there are two islands which must be visited and you can go here the whole year around. At Fraueninsel you will find one of the oldest monasteries for nuns in Germany. A visit to the Christmas market is also recommended. At Herreninsel you have one of the fantastic castles built by Ludvig the 2nd. Read more about the ferry lines and the islands at In summer you can rent a boat, learn to sail or try one of Parker Outdoors activities.

Schliersee - With Slyrs Whiskey distillery and Markus Wasmeier Freilicht museum

The lake Schliersee is a really pleasant recreation area to visit and a stop by at the whiskey distillery Slyrs and the Markus Wasmeier open air museum is a perfect combo. The tour goes over the Deutsche Alpenstrasse and the sceneries are breathtaking and you really wish you had a motorbike instead of a car. On the way you should definitely make a lunch break at the beautifully situated Feuriger Tazelwurm, they have really lovely food. When at the lake we recommend a round trip by foot, it is a comfortable 7-8 kilometre stride and you can perfectly take your kid(s)/trolley with you. The whole area also offers extended hiking and bicycling possibilities.

Königsee and Berchtesgaden national park.

Königsee is a well known and quite unique lake in Berchtesgadener Land which might be worth a visit. Except for the lake and its boardwalk you find activities like Klettersteig, bob-sleigh on wheels and an adventure pool. The whole area also offers extended hiking and bicycling possibilities. Why not try a Segway round the lake.

Italy - Why not on a rainy day

If you have a little bit more time to spend you can take a day trip to Italy. It takes approximately 3 hours to get to Merano and its surroundings. The mild Mediterranean climate will be quite noticeable, not least from all the wine fields that will pass by. The road goes E45/A22 via the Brenner pass down to Bolzano and then up to Merano. When going back, if you have time and feel like doing so, we recommend to meander up over the Jaufen pass, especially if you go by motorbike.

Kletterwald - Incredibly fun for the whole family.

If you arrive with kids you just have to take them to Kletterwald. In the trees there are wires, ropes, bridges and all sorts of hinders attached. Around your waist you will get a special climbing gear with security locks to be used while climbing making it impossible to fall down. After instructions from the staff (also in English) it is just to start climbing and challenge the trees. Awfully fun (also for the adults).