For the active nature lovers
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We love to hike and to explore the nature, through all seasons and regardless of weather. Not only is it a comfortable work-out but also a perfect way to let all your senses be part of the continuous change of nature. The hiking opportunities around are incredibly diverse and takes you around lakes, along streams, up on alms/pastures, up on mountain tops, along crests, through forest and over meadows. Flowers are especially interesting here. The richness of species is just incredible and there are many rarities, not least orchids. has a really good list (in German) of hiking possibilities here in the Chiemgauer Alps. Combined with our own proposals below we are sure you will find some challenging and interesting hikes.

Winklmoos - Muckklause

This is maybe the first tour during your stay with us. It is simple, easy accessible and can be adjusted to your ability. It is of course least demanding when driving up to Winklmoos either with car or by using the bus just outside our house. If you want a little bit of exercise though you enter the the hiking trail "Klamm" outside the door and return just around the corner on the trail "Talabfahrt". A perfect leg stretcher if you ask us. The tour will, with "Mucklause" included, take 3-4 hours. You will experience classical Almgenuss, free-ranging cows and horses and a fantastic view over the alp landscape. At the Winklmoos Alm (1160m) you will find many "Hütten" at your service, Sonnenalm is the biggest and has most to offer although Traunsteiner Hutte, a bit up the hill, is maybe more cosy. We recommend though to finish off in our own Stube where our bar service will help you refill.


Dürnbachhorn (1726m) is at its best when the weather is fine. To hike all the way up will take about 3-4 hours although it can be made much shorter using the cute historic one-seat-lift available during the whole summer at good weather. Definitely a worthwhile experience. When on top you will walk the mountain ridge towards Wildalphorn, not particularly difficult but you should not suffer from vertigo. When crossed you continue either to Wildalm or Finsterbachalm and then towards Winklmoos home to Seegatterl. The view from up there is gorgeous and you will be able to see all the three valley lakes from there while crossing that rocky ridge. When at Finsterbachalm or at Wildalm there will be a mixed nature altering from meadows, forest and alm landscape. The hike requires some stamina and effort but can be adjusted and shortened to a quite comfortable one for those who are not fit enough. A full walk will take around 7-8 hours but with car/bus to Winklmoos Alm and with sit-lift that time can be cut in half. Several hütten are available and when home again we recommend a waffle at our own veranda.


The best hike for those who want to avoid climbing to many hight meters and who might want to bring the kids along, is the one to Röthelmoos/Dandlalm (880m). Starting from our house you will pass Weitsee, then follow one of the streams up to Röthelmoos. At the beginning the path is tortuous and a bit magic, especially in misty weather, and then it will open up in pastureland where cows are grazing and where even pigs can be seen on the fields. End point is probably the Dandalm cabin, a cosy place where you can have something quick to eat and of course something to drink. It will take around 4 hours back and forth in comfortable pace, if desirable, you can take the car or the bus to Weitsee and by that shorten the tour by half.

Taubensee from Kössen

Taubensee (1138m) is an interesting little lake without inlets or outlets. With a Hütte conveniently located just a couple of hundreds meters away it is a perfect place for a days hike. Take the car and park it at Kössen/Mühlberg and start from here, we recommend to go counter clock wise upwards. It will b a steep uphill but the trail is nice and wide all the way. When reaching Taubensee you should take a swim and cool off and then walk yourself dry clockwise up to Sommwendköpfle. Here you will get a marvellous panorma over the Kaisergebirge and a nice view on the lake from above. After a full circle around the lake you will get back to the Hütte and then it is time to reward yourself with that lunch and beer you surely have been looking forward to and maybe also a coffee and an Apfelstrudel as desert. Happily fed it is then only to continue counter clock wise down back to the car. The hike will last for 3-4 hours and will be relatively demanding as it is quite a steep up and downhill.

Taubensee from Hinterwössen

Taubensee and Taubenseehütte is like Hemmersuppenalm and Hindenburghütte, there is often something going on and they are open almost the year around. You can therefore reach it in many ways and in different seasons. We also recommend to start from Hinterwössen, walk alongside the Schlierbach, up via Luftbodensteig and back down on the Kroatensteig. This beautiful tour mainly takes you through untouched forest on stony narrow paths. The hike will take around 4 hours and is not too demanding.


The Ruhpolding "home mountain" is called Rauschberg (1645m). You can climb it or you can make it an easy route by taking the gondola up. There are two ways to walk up, one less demanding and one quite demanding. Either or, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the valley stretching between Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl. The Chiemgau arena will be seen beautifully from above. When reaching the top you will most likely encounter some brave paragilders or kitefliers. When gong back you will initially get some really fantastic panorama views from the characteristic alm landsacpe which later will turn into a normal forest road. The tour will take 6-7 hours and will offer the best views on the way up. It is therefore an obvious alternative to take take the gondola down to shorten it off a bit.


If you desire something very reasonable both lengthwise and effort wise we recommend a tour to Heutal-Moarlack . It becomes really comfortable if you take the car or bus up to Winklmoos Alm and start from there. As the trail is nice and wide it is suitable also for families with small kids and even prams. The landscape varies and will offer you both exiting forest and cosy "Almgenuss" with free ranging cows and horses. This bitwise open landscape also gives an opportunity to spot plenty of our unique orchards and alp flowers. Jausenstation Moarlack (1150m) is the name of the Hütte (unfortunately closed nowadays) beautifully located on a hillside with marvellous view of the mountain panorama near Unken. When turning back you return the same way if you go with pram or you go either via Möselalm or Wiesandseitalm. The hike will take between 3 to 6 hours depending on you request.


Hindenburg Hütte (1206m) and Hemmersuppenalm is typically the choice on weekends and holidays if you want to experience some traditional Bavarian Ompa-Bompa music performed by musicians (often men) in Lederhosen, Tiroler hats and other necessary attributes. It is a very beautiful hike, reasonably long and not very effort demanding. It goes over plenty of alms in open landscape rich with flowers. A cute little chapel is along the trail, you can try alp milk directly from farm and there are plenty of free ranging cows to cuddle with. Depending on how the tour is planned it can also be suitable for small kids and prams. It takes 3-4 hours and you enter directly outside the door heading Nattersbergalm.


Fellhorn (1765m) is a very nice and well balanced whole-day-hike without too much challenge and effort. It takes 7-8 hours, goes through different types of landscapes and throughout you will be given fantastic mountain panorama views. The walk to Fellhorn goes via Nattersberalm and is rather comfortable, not too steep and not very demanding. After a beer at Straubinger Haus you continue the hike along a mountain ridge for quite a distance to Windbichl. It is relatively easy to walk the ridge and the panorama is breath taking but make sure you do not suffer from vertigo. If the weather is nice you will see plenty of the Alps from here; Hohe Tauern with Grossglockner, Grossvenediger etc. The way back goes over Obere Hemmersuppenalm wich offers grandiose alm terrain with possibility to spot marmots even. Back home again we recommend a well deserved relax in our Stube.

Eggenalm - Schumacherkreuz

If you want to see a nice sunrise we recommend an early hike to Schumacherkreuz close to Eggenalm (Straubinger Haus). If you can motivate yourself to rise from bed around 3 in the morning we promise it will be worth the effort watching the sun rise over Sonntagshorn.

Steinplatte - Waidring

There are plenty of hiking trails accessible if you take a short ride to our Austrian neighbour villages; Kössen and Waidring. One hike we did was the one from Waidring up to Steinplatte (1869m) entered close by the gondola. It is a hike for those requesting a little bit of challenge when it comes to ascent, cliff edges and narrow paths. The hike will take 5-6 hours and will go through forest, over alms and over cliffs. The views are fabulous and when reaching the top there is luckily a gondola that can brig you down again. Up on the top there is an adventure park for kids (Triassic Park) and a fairly big restaurant at your service.

Steinplatte - Möseralm

Steinplatte is of course also possible to reasch directly from our house. Best is then to go via Winklmoosalm to Möseralm and then up to Steinplatte. Möseralm is also a very nice hütte, or rather a restaurant that you must not pass without a food stop. When at Steinplatte you have a fantastic view and it is quite interesting to see the ski areas summertime. It takes around 3-4 hours and it is a fairly easy walk.


On the north side of the valley of ours you find several beautiful trails. Hörndlwand (1684m) is a top reached either via the tough Jägerstied or more easy via Ostertal. Jägerstieg was fun and challenging. At several places it required you to crawl up slippery cliff passages, something only possible when weather allows. North side is German territory only while south side trails often cross the border to Austria. There are not that many Hütten here but on the other side you will have the nature more to yourself. On the very top of Hörndlwand you will find perfect open spaces where you can spread a blanket and where you can enjoy the picnic you brought in your rucksack. The view from here is absolutely among the best, just to lay here in the sun on a blanket enjoying life is indescribable. The hike takes 5-6 hours and you enter easiest from Weitsee a few kilometres away from our house.


There are many ways to reach Wetterkreuz (1064m). If starting from the village it will neither be very far nor especially demanding. Partly the path can be fairly narrow though and it can lean steeply on the side. It is a tour with shifting nature that we chose to walk clockwise via Birnbach, Hutzenalm and back over Glapfalm and Hausbachfall. It starts with open landscape, continues through light forest, goes over pasture lands and ends with a steep staircase supported trail downwards Hausbachfall.


The best way to climb Hochfelln (1674m) is to start from the hikers parking lot at Steinbergalm (1000m). That way you will start from a rather high altitude and thereby use the time for pure quality hiking. The way to walk all the way would be to start from Ruhpolding/Egg where you enter the so called Hochfellnweg/Maximiliansweg. Tours around Hochfelln can be varied depending on stamina and time, it is even possible, from Bergen, to take a cable car all the way. Regardless of how you plan the tour you will experience a most fantastic view with a rather unique mountain and Chiemsee panorama.


A somewhat longer tour possible to do directly from here via Röthelmoosalm (886m), over Jochbergalm (1270m) and thereafter to Hochgern (1748m). An alternative is to start from Marquartstein. A wonderful tour with many Hütten along the trail.

Mühlprachkopf - Reit im Winkl

This tour is a little bit special as the road up to Mühlprachkopf (1257m) really starts directly outside our door and runs through the Seegatterlwald. As it is not fully marked you will need some instructions in advance in order to make it through the forest all the way to Reit im Winkl. If you are up to the challenge you will be rewarded by very interesting panoramas. Personally we think that the view over our valleys three lakes is really extra ordinary.

Knogleralm - Eibenstockhütte - Winkelmoosalm

A tour, partly not even marked on the maps, is the one going to Winklmoosalm via Knoglerlam and Eibenstockhütte, starting directly from our house. A perfect round trip in many ways; not to long, not to tough, very shifting in character and somewhat exciting as first part is an old trail not even shown on the hiking maps. It is also a tour that can be made extra rewarding with a bit of Gemüt in a Gaststätte up at Winklmoosalm as buses are leaving from there to Seeagatterl busstop 20 meters from our house. If you prefer to walk, we suggest to take the nice Klammweg down.

Walchsee - Harauer Spitze - Ottenalm - Riederalm

Between Kössen and Wlchsee, on the Austrian side, you have the mountain Harauer Spitze. This mountain is not very high but is a pleasant target and a fairly easy hike. Best is probably to make the round trip from Walchsee, up on the mountain and then when on the other side go down into the valley and via Ottenalm and Riederalm back. Both these alms have hütten where you can eat and drink. An alternative way is to go via Kössen instead of Walchsee.


Another tour you can do directly from our house is to the Sonntagshorn.‬ With its 1961 meters it is the highest top in the Chiemgau Alps. From Winklmoosalm‬ you head towards Heutal via Herbstalm. Once in Heutal it is simply to follow the yellow signs which will lead you to the Sonntagshorn. The hike is surprisingly easy even though you have to cover a 1000 m difference in altitude. The very nice and cosy Hochalm‬ is situated almost halfway on the way to the top. The tour will take you around 7-9 hours depending on your hiking speed and the length of your breaks. A warm autumn day is perfect as the trail is on the south side of the mountain and mainly on meadow land.


Another way, more action filled, is to experience nature on a bike. As we are situated along the "German Alp Road" we see many who ride their racing bikes through the road net here. We understand the joy of it but ourselves personally prefer riding mountain bikes (MTB). There are numerous trails in the neighbourhood for this purpose, with different levels of difficulty of course. So far we have not explored that many but as we do we promise to recommend and list them here.


Except for the fabulous mountains all our lakes must be explored. We thing the best way to do this is using your bike although it is not an MTB tour. From our house you head towards Ruhpolding, the lakes will come one after another with between 15 to 30 minutes in between. First out is Weitsee, then comes Mittersee, thereafter Lödensee and last is Förchensee. All are adorable and the water is aquarium clear. If you need something to eat or drink Gasthof Seehaus is conveniently located at Förschensee. You can prolong the tour and continue all the way to Ruhpolding or you turn back after a quick look at the Chiemgau Arena, the well known biathlon and ski jumping facility. The distance from here to Ruhpolding is with bike around 40 km.

Jochbergalm, Eschelmoos, Hinteralm

A nice biking hike that will require some effort is the one up to Jochbergalm, Eschelmoos and Hinteralm via Weitsee and Röthelmoos. When having reached Jochbergalm, at around 1300 meter, you need to fill up the reservoirs at the little alp taverna before you continue to Eschelmoos just to make a quick detour to Hinteralm for yet another beer. Easiest way home is to roll down the same way you came from, or maybe an option is to go Oberwössen and back via Reit im Winkl. To Jochbergalm and Eschelmoos takes around 2-3 hours and back again goes pretty quick.

Knogleralm/Nattersbergalm, Hemmersuppenalm

An MTB hike with the right challenge for both uphill and downhill is the one passing Knogleralm/Nattersbergalm (ca 950m) on the way up to Hemmersuppenalm (ca 1300m) and then back via Blindau in Reit im Winkl. It is a 3-4 hour ride starting relatively steep up to Nattersberg where it levels out a bit. When reaching Hindenburghütte it is a good idea to explore the beauty of the Hemmersuppenalm with its chapel and pastureland. Have a beer and something to eat, then there will be one of a kind downhill ride waiting for you, nothing for the squeamish ones. It goes pretty steep and narrow down to Blindau, there will be a lot of stones of all sizes and it is slippery. The helmet must be on and not more than one beer should have passed the throat before leaving. When finally down it will be a pleasant and nice trip back along the stream home to Seegatterl.


A tough, but very nice tour, is to bike Weitsee, Röthelmoos kamm, through Urschlau and Märschenwald up to Thoraualm (1210m). Back home we recommend you to go left over the steam just after Urschlau. This will lead you over Öfen back to Röthelmoos on a challenging, narrow and fairly steep path and you need to have saved some energy in order to make this last part. The road up to Thoraualm is namely extra tough. Luckily it goes beside a stream with lots of water falls which create just the excitement necessary to forget the hard pedalling a bit. A warning though, when you reach the alm, it is not over. You need to hang in another 2 kilometres before you reach the Hütte with all its rewards. The tour will at least take around 4-5 hours and is, as said, fairly tough.


Walchsee is situated just outside Kössen and is a cosy little lake with plenty of nice cafés along the coastline. Biking from here is best done by going Blindau, Klausenbergalm and further on to Kössen where you enter the marked bike trail to Walchsee. This trail will take you to the lake on north of the high road and back, when rounded the lake, south of the high road. When back in Kössen there is different alternatives to get back home, we chose the to go north over Peternhof and by that arrive into the central part of Reit im Winkl before taking the last piece back to Seegatterl. This tour is maybe not so much "mountain biking" but is still a very nice tour that will take you comfortably through mostly open landscape. The only tough part is the one over Peternhof but that can be replaced by something less exhausting. Calculate about 3-4 hours for the tour at least.


Another lake is Taubensee at 1138 meters height. You just have to go here, regardless, so why not go here by bike. The best way up is from here to Reit im Winkl over Birnbach where a gravelled road takes on leading all he way up to the lake. Taubensee Hütte is located perfectly, just a couple of 100 meters from the lake and belongs to those with the best panoramas. When rolling back home we suggest to go via Kössen, it is a little bit tricky in the beginning but soon you will be out on a gravelled road. There will be some carrying and pushing on this tour but we definitely recommend it. Calculate 3-4 hours at least.


It is actually not that hard to bike up to Steinplatte (1869m) from here. It is only the last piece from Kammerkör up to the top that becomes really tough and where it might be necessary to push the bike due to the hefty climb. The route goes Klammweg/Abstickloipe, Winklmoosalm, Möseralm, Kammerkör and up to the top. When enjoyed the fabulous panorama you round the top counter clockwise before you continue more or less the same way back but except for going Winklmoosalm you go Steinplatte Parkplatz and over Schwartzlofer back to Seegatterl. There are of course other routes up there and we recommend you to read their homepage before you go. This run is especially fun as you will experience the ski area summertime and while up there, why not try some downhill on one of the slopes... Calculate 3-4 hours for the tour.


A perfect tour somehow that offers a little bit of everything. It goes through Klausenbachklamm, up to Hasenaueralm and down to Hagerbråcke, thereafter comfortably along the Grossache to Kössen and back home again over Peternhof. The tour takes about three hours and includes a visit to Fliegerbar in Kössen. If you feel like it, continue straight on for Fellhorn instead of turning towards Kössen, that will make the tour really tough.


The distance to Heutal from our bed & breakfast is perfect for mountain biking. It becomes a perfect round trip if you bike aufstiegsloipe (ev. via Klammweg) up to Winklmoos and from there direction Heutal over Herbstalm. Convenient after half the way, when in Heutal, there are several eateries, e.g. Heutaler Hof, Alpengasthof Heutal or Herbstalmhütten. Home again goes over Moarlack and Winkelmoosalm via Talabfahrt to Seegatterl. Great tour that is.

Eggenalm - Kreuzangeralm

This classical tour goes directly from our house to Nattersbergalm (935m) via Hemmersuppenalm (1260m) to Eggenalm (1551m near Fellhorn) and back over Kreuzangeralm (1350m) and through Klausenbachklamm. It is a rather tough tour but then you have the possibility to rest and get something to drink and eat at Hindenburghütte and/or at Straubinger Haus. Calculate at least 3 hours.


A really nice tour going Seegaterl - Klausenbachklamm - Kössen - Edernalm - Karalm - Naringalm and back. It has a perfect incline and the trail goes mostly through open nature. You will reach a qute little restaurant at Naringalm with really good food. A fun downhill part from Karalm over a vast meadow.

Winklmoosalm via Eibenstockhütte

A perfect 2-3 hour round trip going Natterssssbergalm, Eibenstockhütte to Winklmoosalm starting and ending form our house. Uphill is a bit steep the first part to Nattersbergalm but from there on it is fairly moderate. Worse is the first downhill part to Eibenstockhütte which actually is a hiking trail. Here it is narrow, stony and full of roots that needs to be run over. Fun it is but you need to be careful.

‪‎Rechenbergalm‬ - Wössner See - Hutzenalm

Somewhat longer tour with two tough sections, first between Röthelmoos (900m) and Kanonenpass (1103m) and then later between Oberwössen (650m) and Hutzenalm (960m). After a beer at the Rechenbergalm‬ Hütte (1160m) there is a quite fun downhill part when heading for Wössner See. A rather demanding but pleasant ride that probably took at least 4 hours.

‪‎Winklmoosalm - Moarlack - Heutal - Staubfall - Chiemgau Arena

A somewhat different tour with the Staubfall waterfall and the Chiemgau Arena as main attractions. The tour goes from here over Winklmoosalm and Moarlack to Heutal. From Heutal you have to bike behind Heutaler Hof to continue on to the Staubfall. Here you have to push the bike up, past and under the remarkable waterfall. Thereafter follows a really fun, but also a bit dangerous, downhill part ending where the long, almost flat, part towards Chiemgau Arena begins. The last part home goes along our three lakes. Eat and drink you can do in Heutal or at Chiemgau Arena.

Röthelmooos - Eschelmoos - Gleichenbergalm - Bergen - Maria Eck - Bründling alm - Steinbergalm - Urschlau

A not to difficult 6 hour daytrip where the highest altitude stays at around 1200 meters and where the inclines are fair and never to steep. Especially the first half is nice, that is the part Röthelmooos - Eschelmoos - Gleichenbergalm - Bergen - Maria Eck. After that it is dogged uphill to Bründling alm and then kind of a long haul back with a steep downhill on asphalt from Steinbergalm to Ruhpolding and then flat through Urshlau before back at Röthelmoos where you almost started. But, some really nice waterfalls and a lovely downhill part after Eschelmoos. The little Hütte at Gleichenbergalm is really cozy and is perfectly located for the first beer.


If you like golf the area around Reit im Winkl is pure eldorado. The courses are adorable and not too expensive to play. To be able to combine the golf vacation with a bit of hiking and/or biking makes the offer unbeatable. When on the tee, it is hard to concentrate as the views are so breathtaking. Below is a list of all the courses reachable within an hours drive. We have a membership at Reit im Winkl/Kössen GC which course is gorgeous. Best is to buy either a Golf Alpin Card (310 Euro for 5 greenfees) or a Chiemsee Golfcard (180 Euro for 4 greenfees). Contact us for the arrangement, then we can make you a good offer with everything included, we often also get even better greenfee deals.

Name of golf club GPS Coordinate How far away Links
Lattitud Longitud Km Time
Golfclub Reit im Winkl e.V. 47,67388 12,4458 8,1 10 min From us
Golfclub Ruhpolding e.V. 47,7589 12,664 16,5 14 min From us
Kaiserwinkl Golf Kössen 47,6553 12,3907 14,2 17 min From us
Golf- und Countryclub Lärchenhof 47,58428 12,4891 23,9 25 min From us
Golfclub Wilder Kaiser 47,51552 12,3033 39,6 38 min From us
Chiemsee Golf Club Prien e.V. 47,83073 12,3250 36 40 min From us
Golf & Landclub Rasmushof 47,44495 12,3849 40,7 42 min From us
Golfclub Chieming e.V. 47,9362 12,5532 42,9 43 min From us
Golfclub Kitzbühel 47,4426 12,4023 42,7 44 min From us
Golfplatz Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith 47,4590 12,3487 42,9 44 min From us
Golfclub Eichenheim 47,4254 12,4127 43,1 44 min From us
Golfanlage Patting - Hochriesblick 47,81833 12,23682 47,2 46 min From us
Golf Club Berchtesgadener Land e.V. 47,84407 12,9054 51 48 min From us
Golfclub Gut Brandlhof 47,48119 12,8319 57 52 min From us
Golfclub Berchtesgaden e.V. 47,63463 13,0343 59,1 54 min From us
Golfclub Salzburg 47,86944 13,1508 74,1 56 min From us
Der Golf Club am Obinger See e.V. 48,0069 12,4361 56,4 57 min From us
Golf-Club Höslwang im Chiemgau e.V. 47,96562 12,3362 48,3 59 min From us
Golfclub Schloss Maxlrain e.V. 47,90107 11,9923 68,6 1h 1 min From us
Golf & Country Club Gut Altentann 47,89033 13,19984 78.8 1h 2 min From us
Golfclub Urslautal 47,4122 12,8871 67,5 1h 4 min From us
Golfclub Drachenwand 47,8425 13,3271 91,3 1h 6 min From us

Golfclub Reit im Winkl-Kössen

Golfclub Reit im Winkl/Kössen is our home course and definitely the most beautiful in the area. It is rather demanding to walk so to make it easier for you there are electric carts and cars available to rent. Characteristic for the course is of course the fantastic panorama with the Zamer and the Wilder Kaiser always in sight. The many biotopes, that is protected flower meadows, can be found all over the course and the same rules as for water hazards applies. I promise, it can be rather frustrating not to be allowed to go fetch your miss-hit balls. Keeping the ball on the fairways are recommendable.

Golfclub Ruhpolding

Golfclub Reit im Winkl/Kössen is not far away either, about 20 minutes by car. The course is more of a parkland course and not very cumbersome to walk as it lays flat in the Ruhpolding valley. Somewhat different is that there are some holes where wastelands instead of bunkers are used.

Other outdoor activities

There are a lot of other things to do here when you love nature and the outdoor life style. Among others, the many lakes and streams in the neighbourhood give you wonderful opportunities to enjoy nature.

Kayak on Chiemsee

With kayak you can go just anywhere on Chiemsee. Paddle e.g. to Fraueninsel and/or to Herreninsel or just along the shore where the beautiful surroundings are best viewed from. The background alp panorama is wonderful. A tip is to park the kayak along one of the nice and free beaches when your batteries need to be charged.