For the active nature lovers
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Traunsteiner Hütte

Wonderful Kaiserschmarrn served by Jeanette at Trausteiner DAV Hütte at the Winklmoosalm (1160m). You get here by bus, by car or by foot, it is a nice 45 minutes walk from us.

Hindenburg Hütte

You go here on weekends to enjoy some traditional Bavarian music accompanied by a beer or two (1260m). From us it is a 2 hours walk or a a 1 hour bicycle ride.


In summer Möseralm is perfectly located on zour way up to Stenplatte regardless of hiking or biking. When the ski slopes are open zou will pass it when on your way to Winklmoos and Scheibelberg. A big place for both eating and drinking.

Straubinger Haus

Just before you reach Fellhorn you probably want to relax here with the Wilder Kaiser in the background (1551m). You walk here in about 3 hours and bike within half that time.

Wirtshaus Dürrnbachhorn

You can walk or take a slow ride with the Nostalgi lift to Dürrnbacheck on your way up to Dürrnbachhorn (1778m), regardless you will pass this tavern (1610m) offering a magnificent panorama. To walk from here takes around 2,5 hours.


A hike to Taubensee is one of the more popular ones in the area. Just before the lake is Taubenseehütte (1165m) with a terrific view from the terass. Is open late into October.


Where hikers rest on the very top of Rauschberg (1645m) in Ruhpolding. You get here either by cable car or by walking around 3 hours from one of the hikers parking lots.


A sweet little cabin (1120m) on your way to Hörndlwand. From us it will take around 1,5 hours to walk and about half that time to bike.


Röthelmoosalm is a perfect family hike and here you will find this small cabin (880m) offering both beverages and light lunch. To walk here will take 2 hours and to bike around 45 minutes.


Langerbaueralm (880m) is also located at the Röthelmoosalm and is a nice place for a leg stretcher. They make there own cheese here so ordering a Brotzeitplatte for a taste is recommendable.


Seegatterl - Dürrnbachhorn - Finsterbachalm is our fantastic house tour and here at Finsterbachalm (1325m) you rest your legs before heading back home.


Not far away at all is Pötschalm (895m), a flower haven quickly reached either with bike or by foot.


On the very top of the Jochbergalm (1280m) you find this gorgeous cabin with its grazing cows around the corner. A sandwich with alm cheese accompanied with fresh alm milk tastes great here. It takes around 2 hours to bike here.


Close by Eschelmoos you will find Hinteralm (1135m) and this little cabin. Just perfect for a refill regardless if you come by foot or with bike. Calculate 2,5 hours to bike here.


At Thoraualm you will find a wonderful little cabin (1210m) beautifully located, where to we strongly recommend a visit. There is a nice hiking trail over Thoraukopf that leads here.


Kössen to Naringalm (1135m) via Edernalm is a nice round trip, by foot or with bike, and this little restaurant has a marvelous view and serves really good food.


If you are on your way to Hochgern you most likely end up here before starting the climb to the mountain top. Staudachalm (1150m) is beautifully located and typically you will go for a tasty Brotzeit and a cold beer.


At the foot of the Hochgern mountain lies e a couple of small alms not far from each other, one of them is Brachtalm (1150m). A cosy place a few meters in from the hiking trail.


Hochfelln is one of the tops that you have to climb. From Bergen it is also possible to take a cable car up here. Almost at the top you will find the Hochfellnhaus (1674m), a little bigger than a Hütte and with a wonderful panorama over Chiemsee.


On your way down from Hochfelln there a several Hütten located not far from the cable car Mittelstation. Bachschmied (1167m) is one of the smaller ones offering mostly Brotzeit and beverages.


Hutzenalm (990m) is located about 30 minutes from Birnbach/Reit im Winkl and you will pass it on our way to Taubensee or to Wetterkreuz. A nice little cottage that actually is open all year around.


Rechenbergalm‬ (1160m) located direction Oberwössen/Unterwössen is typically a destination starting from there. When starting from here you typically reach it either with bike from Röthelmoos or by walking from Jochbergalm or even Hochgern.


Edernalm (900m) and Ottenalm (960m) are not far from each other. They are both family friendly hiking targets when walking from Kössen or Walchsee in Austria. They are both beautifully located although Ottenalm has the far best panorama view.


Hochalm (1428m) is suitably located on the path to Sonntagshorn and is open late into October. Might be hard to see from the trail but look for the flag and you will find it. Here you can stop for both good eating and drinking .


Herbstalm (1428m) is located on the way to Heutal or to Sonntagshorn just beside the hiking, biking and skitrail.

Berggasthof Sonnenalm

Here you get classical bayrish food together with a beautiful view over the alps, at least when the sun is shining and the terass is open. Located accessibly on the Winklemoos just where you step off the cable car (1160m).